Rules of golf


1. Golfers must reserve a week in advance for golfing on weekends or holidays.

2- The reservation must be made by phone, fax, email or directly contact the Booking team of the Sales department to book the game time. Pre-booked golfers will be given priority.

3- On weekends or holidays, the club (club) will refuse to let golfers play the golf course if not booked in advance or the Starter department will observe the situation and arrange seats for golfers to play out. Playground if there's free time.

4. Caddy reservation is also made according to the above method. The Club reserves the right to refuse a request if a golf player needs to place a Caddy on the day that Caddy employee has been scheduled to serve or has been scheduled to leave that day.


Before going to the golf course, golfers must complete the registration procedure at the reception desk and announce their presence at the Starter section.


1. Guests who have booked golf before booking but for any reason can not reach must contact the Booking team of the Sales department by phone, fax, email to notify at least 48 hours in advance. If a cancellation is not given, the club will charge a cancellation fee for the golfers, this fee is set by the club.

2- Regular golfers do not come when booking, the club will review and cancel the reservation priority.


1- Golf guests must come first to register at the reception, then announce to be present at the Starter before 10 minutes before tee time. If you are late or do not announce your presence at the Starter Department, the golf operator has the priority to arrange for the next group of golfers who have completed the tee-up procedure.

2- Guests who play golf too late must wait until there is free time for the golf operator to reschedule.

3. Guests who regularly play golf late to the club will cancel the reservation priority.


1- On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the maximum number of players in a group is 4 and a minimum of 3 people. Group of less than 3 people is not entitled to tee off, the club will arrange to merge with other groups if possible.

2- On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the team has more than 3 players who have the priority to tee off, to maintain the tempo of the game.

3. The number of players in a group cannot exceed 4 people. If the group has more than 4 people, after being reminded by the club management but still not overcome, the club will terminate the golfers' right to play golf in that group, and must pay according to the fee terms.


Objective case:

Due to dangerous rains, storms and lightning, it is not possible to continue playing golf (excluding dark).


Holes Played         Green Fee             Caddy Fee                Buggy Fee, Rentals                                    

     1 > 4            25%                                   50%                                  25%                                            

   5 > 9            50%                                     50%                                  50%                                            

 10 > 13        75%                                     100%                                75%                                            

14 > 18        100%                                   100%                                100%                                          


Holes Played           Green Fee         Caddy Fee                 Buggy Fee, Rentals                                    

1 > 4              25%                                     25%                                  25%                                            

5 > 9             50%                                     50%                                  50%                                            

0 > 13           75%                                     75%                                  75%                                            

14 > 18        100%                                   100%                                100%

Subjective case:

The weather was good but the guest decided to stop playing golf.

Hitting 1 to 9 holes: Pay 9 holes

                   10 to 18 holes: Pay 18 holes

                   19 to 27 holes: Pay 27 losses ...


1- Golfers can relax at the resting stations for a maximum of 10 minutes. If there is a group behind to give way to the group behind to pass.

2- After completing the 9 holes, the golfers can take a break to eat and drink but must notify the golf operator in advance to arrange the playing time of the next round. On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or during busy periods, it is best for golfers not to take a break from eating and drinking after nine golf courses. If absolutely necessary, you must notify the golf operator in advance to arrange playing time for the next round.


1- Do not play too slowly, the maximum playing time for 9 holes is 2 hours 20 minutes and maximum 4 hours 40 minutes for completing 18 holes.

2. During the playing time, if the previous golfer plays slowly or is lagged after 1 or more holes, the previous group must pass. If the team fails to pass or does not improve the playing speed, after being reminded by the club's Marshal staff many times without remedy, the club will terminate the playing rights of the golfers in that group, and You must pay the full cost of the completed hole.

3. For holes with a standard number of golf clubs of 3, after the ball of the same player has put it into the hole area, it must be given to the player after the tee shot (CALL HOLES).

4. Golfers who do not have a handicap, high handicap or are just beginning to play should tee off at the white TEE. Do not serve at the green TEE without the club's consent.

5- During a crowded time, the club will limit golfers to practice playing golf.

6- When the ball is in an area that is difficult to find, the time to find the ball shall not exceed 5 minutes. If the golfer continues to search for the ball or is on the phone, then the team behind him must pass.


1- Safety on the golf course is most important. Before teeing off the player must ensure that you play, Caddy and the previous player are within a safe distance (away from the danger zone).

2- Before putting the ball on the hole, the player must make sure that the hole area and the area around the hole is completely empty to play the ball.

3. Children under 16 years of age who want to go to the playground or follow them must have the consent of the club, and must be accompanied by an adult and responsible for safety issues on the field.

4. Non-golfers accompanying golfers must pay an 18-hole course fee and must follow safety rules.

5. Golfers always obey all safety instructions of Caddies and Marshal.

6- If you rent a tram, please read carefully and follow the instructions for using the tram.

7. During the period of renting an electric car, you must take full responsibility for the equipment and properties you have borrowed. If there is damage or damage, you are responsible for compensation.

8.When the weather is bad or dangerous, please stop playing golf activities immediately and move to the shelter or rain stops to ensure safety until it is no longer dangerous to continue playing activities. golf.

9- When the ball is in the OB, the forest, the lake, please do not pick up the ball to avoid unintended accidents.


1- Each player must have a separate set of sticks not to use the same club as others.

2- When going to the golf course, the players must wear special shoes for golfing, the costumes must comply with the club's regulations: no leather shoes, high heels, no jeans, no collars, sleeveless shirts, shirts , pants too short, prom dress ....

3- While playing golf, it is recommended that you do not make a loud noise, the phone should set the minimum bell level or to vibrate, when using the phone should be kept away so as not to disturb and influence others. play golf.

4. Do not stand to score on the hole, should score on the move to the next hole.

5- You go to the golf course without using the ball of the training ground, so use the genuine golf ball.


1- To maintain the quality of the golf course, when you rent a tram, only run on the prescribed road, not on the golf course. If running into a golf course without the club's approval, after the Marshal staff reminds but does not fix, the club will revoke the tram and you must pay the full cost of the hole used. .

2- You do not rub or drag your feet, run or sit, lying on the hole.

3. Please do not litter indiscriminately on the field but transfer to Caddy all garbage or cigarette butts.

4. While playing golf, when a piece of grass is turned up after hitting it, the sand must be filled.

5. Scratching and leveling up traces in sand holes after finishing polishing, leaving no trace on sand.

6- When you are on Green, do not use sticks or other tools to sabotage Green. If there is a case that you damage Green for some reason, the club will apply a penalty for that guest, this fee is set by the club.



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