Located right on the golf course grounds, surrounded by cool air and perennial greenery. There is nothing more than the relaxing and relaxing time here.


    The restaurant was built inside the Assembly hall with a capacity of up to 400 guests. With a sophisticated and luxurious space, views overlooking the yard, you can both enjoy a variety of dishes (VN-Korean-Japanese-Chinese) while looking at the green hills. Besides, VIP rooms with separate and comfortable space will be suitable for intimate meetings, foreign exchange, small parties or simply warm dinners with relatives


  Locker room - bathroom for golfers with spacious campus, minimalist interior but no less modern and luxurious. With its unique bathroom opening design provides a wider space. There are separate lookers for male and female golfers, the number of lockers is sufficient for over 500 golfers to use at the same time. This creates the convenience and comfort for golfers when using the services here.



    When playing golf, the move around a lot of golf is inevitable. So before playing golf, the golfers will have to prepare all the necessary golf equipment to have a satisfactory playing session. The golf tools and equipment introduced here will help you play golf better and help you create more convenience and love for this sport.



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